7 hidden Windows features to make your life easier

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Windows has a number of functions that are not in the manual. They make working with Windows easier and faster. FOCUS online expert Ivica Kljajic presents seven helpful commands.

Microsoft’s Windows can do a lot more than you think! However, some security-relevant functions lead a shadowy existence in the popular operating system. With the following tips you can feel your way into the depths of Windows and thus sometimes discover one or the other function that you previously thought would not exist!

  1. The GodMode

“GodMode” is like the ark of secret functions. This has been around since Vista and is aimed at professional users who want to get the most out of their Windows. There are several ways to activate it, the simplest is to click on the Windows icon on the left, enter the letter “L” and then click on the blue text “Control Panel”. Here you get a comprehensive view of everything that is going on inside your Windows and you can adjust even sensitive settings individually.

There is also another way to call the “GodMode” function: Simply create a new folder on your desktop (right click, then on “New” and “Folder”) and name it: All tasks. {ED7BA470-8E54- 465E-825C-99712043E01C} . You can open the settings via the icon that forms.

hidden Windows features

  1. Improve the screen display

This trick is particularly useful for those who want a perfect display of photos or videos: Press the Windows key together with the letter “R”. Then enter “dccw” in the window that opens. Then the Windows color balance adjustment opens, with which you can individually influence the color scheme. Also ideal for graphic artists who rely on a particularly authentic representation of colors.

3. Let Windows record problems Hidden Windows features

Do you have a suspicion that a particular Windows problem pops up every time you perform a certain activity or command? It is best if you then record Windows live. Very few people know that this can be done conveniently directly from Windows by pressing the Windows key + R and then typing “psr”. Windows problem recording automatically takes screenshots with every click and is therefore the most powerful diagnostic tool for complicated problems, as guesses can be confirmed directly through activity.

  1. Manage programs in the autostart

If your computer takes forever to start or if you simply wish that some programs do not start automatically , this command will help: Windows key + R and enter “msconfig”. Here, under the “System Start” tab, you can not only see which programs start automatically with Windows, but also conveniently deselect them. However, be careful not to accidentally deactivate your anti-virus program or the firewall! You can also use the task manager to manage the autostarts.

  1. Insert particularly sophisticated special characters in a text hidden Windows features

Windows can display just about any special character imaginable . But these complex characters are not on the classic keyboard, which makes the whole thing a bit more difficult. A help is the command Windows key + R and entering “charmap”. A table of characters is displayed, from which you can simply select the special character you need or want to write with a simple click of the mouse. you can also write degrees symbol simply.  In order to copy the characters, you have to double-click on them and later paste them into the text with CTRL + V.

Windows character table

6. Easily create multiple folders at the same time

If you need several folders quickly, you can have them created semi-automatically. Press the Shift key and then right-click on the location. Then select “Open command prompt here” and type in “md” with a space, followed by the names of the folders, also separated by spaces. Then simply press “Enter” to create and all folders will be created automatically.

  1. Set up the PC as a WLAN hotspotA local WLAN hotspot is particularly useful for guests who do not have a WLAN-enabled router or who are too far away from other rooms. Windows offers a hidden function called “Wireless Hosted Network” for this purpose, for which either a WLAN stick must be inserted in the PC or a fixed WLAN card has been installed.

In order for the PC to become your own hotspot, you must carry out the following steps:

Open the “Start” menu of Windows 10 and click on the gear icon in the lower left corner.

Once in the settings, select the category “Network and Internet”.

Switch to “Portable Hotspot” at the bottom left and turn it on at the top.

You can use the “Edit” button to change the name of the hotspot and the associated password.

Hidden Windows features CONCLUSION

It is these tips that show just how much there is in the most popular of all operating systems. Knowing them not only saves time, but can also provide Windows customization or additional convenience. Particularly helpful: after you have executed the commands over and over again, they are guaranteed to be remembered quickly, which of course also makes it easier to use.

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