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Windows more advanced features in newer updates

Advanced PC search

Windows 10 Search Mode

Windows more advanced features – Speaking of research, Windows 10’s integrated search now offers more options. Go to Settings> Search to find them.

In the Permissions and History section, you will find options for filtering explicit content in web search results and content for searches from linked Microsoft accounts. However, the most interesting options can be found on the Windows Search tab.

Here you can select a new advanced search mode. Prior to this, Windows 10 only looked for file libraries and the desktop, where files are often stored. But if you choose this option, Windows Search will scan the entire computer. This is a useful option if you don’t store files in libraries or are just looking for everything.

Various changes

Apparently, the Windows 10 May 10 update is missing many core features. Most of the changes are changes to existing tools. Below we describe some of the more important ones.

Spectrum speed correction

The grisly Specter and Meltdown exploits were a big topic in 2018. These issues have caused many computers to run slower, but the latest update claims to have improved through optimizations.

Time will tell if it matters.

Windows more advanced features

Improved game bar

Windows 10 Game Bar is a utility that brings together many useful gaming options in one place. In the latest edition of Windows 10, it received an update. Now you can manage Spotify music from the game bar and also create memes.

Remove other default apps

Uninstall other Windows 10 apps

One of the first steps most people take with a new system is to uninstall Windows 10 redistributor apps. With the May 2019 Update, you can uninstall more apps than previously allowed. Now you can send mail, calendar, movies and TV and other applications.

Some of them still won’t be removed in the same way as Microsoft Store and Edge. But the ability to uninstall multiple apps that you will never use is a welcome change.

Login without password

Now you can create a Microsoft login without a password. By providing your phone number, Microsoft will send you a passcode every time you sign in. You can use this method to log into Windows 10 and then use a Windows Hello authentication method such as PIN or fingerprint for future logins. This is supposed to combat password theft, so we’ll see if it gets more widespread.

Refinements in the Start menu

A minor change that only affects new installations or accounts is a cleaner Start menu. It has fewer tiles making it less cluttered. You can now also unblock card groups, allowing you to remove all the hated ads at once.

October 2018 update

If you’re still using an older version of Windows, here are the most interesting features added in the October 2018 Update (version 1809).

Phone application

After the failed Windows Phone platform, Microsoft adopted Android (and iOS to a lesser extent) with apps and cross-platform compatibility with Windows. The Your Phone app in Windows 10 brings even more.

It lets you send text messages and access photos on your Android phone (7.0 or later) right from your PC. You can even drag a photo from your phone to your computer to open it in the app. IPhone users don’t have all of these features, but they can send web pages from their phone to their computer.

While you have many third-party Android and Windows connectivity options , more and more integrated tools are always welcome.

Improved screenshot

The basic capture tool handles the needs of simple screens, but lacks functionality for advanced users. In the October update, you can take a look at the new Snip & Sketch tool as a replacement.

Press Win + Shift + S to display the window and take a screenshot. At the top, you can switch between the rectangle and freeform capture modes, or take a photo in full screen mode. Once an area is acquired, it is immediately available on the clipboard.

Click on the notification you received and you can make basic changes to your screenshots, such as drawing and cropping. From there, you can save it, copy it to the clipboard, or open it in another application for further editing.

Windows 10 Snip Sketch (Windows more advanced features)

File manager dark theme

Dark Windows 10 file manager

Windows 10 included a dark theme for some time, but previously it was limited to app stores. Now by enabling Dark mode in Settings> Personalization> Colors, even your Explorer will turn dark.

It’s not surprising how macOS Mojave’s dark mode is, but it’s a welcome option if you love dark themes or use your computer a lot at night. Enabling this also makes the right click menu in File Explorer and on a dark desktop.

Improved HDR support

Windows HD color

As 4K monitors with more powerful display options become mainstream, Windows 10 makes it easier to enable HDR if you have compatible hardware. In the past, Windows 10 supported HDR, but it was not always convenient to configure it.

You can now go to Settings> System> Display and click on Windows HD Color Settings to adjust HDR. You can see if your connected screens support HDR and can customize them if so.

Improved start menu search

Search preview in Windows 10

The Start Menu Search feature has always been a quick way to find apps, files, settings, and more on your PC. With the latest update, it’s even easier to get the content you want quickly.

When you search for something, a preview pane will appear in the menu showing the top results for your search. This could be Bing web search results, options like open as administrator if you’re looking for software, or document previews in Windows more advanced features.

Clipboard improvements and timing

The new clipboard shortcut in Windows 10 lets you copy and paste to all devices without additional apps. Press Win + V and you will see a new clipboard window.

Windows 11 Features

Window 11 Features and Innovations for personal computers

2021 is a special year for Microsoft. It is that the company is bringing to the market its Window 11 operating system for PC. The release of which marks a new stage in the development of software platforms of the software giant. “Eleven” has received many improvements, improvements and improvements.

The release of Windows 11 for personal computers, laptops and tablets (mobile, server and other OS versions will be presented later) Window 11 features is undoubtedly extremely important for Microsoft. Which has set itself the goal of creating a universal platform for all types of devices and combining them into one common ecosystem with a single application store and a unified software development environment.

The company took into account the criticism of the coolly accepted G8 market and tried to release a product that fully meets the needs of the user audience, thanks to the Windows Insider preliminary testing program, which played an important role in the development of the operating system.

Over 5 million people from more than 100 countries took part in testing Windows 11 for PC, with the release of which Microsoft laid the foundation stone for a universal software platform. How successful the undertaking of the Redmond corporation turned out to be can be judged by today’s news on the 3DNews website and the list of OS innovations given below, for completeness, supplemented with screenshots and brief descriptions of the main changes.

list of Operating System innovations – Windows 11 Features

  1. Start Menu

The most notable innovation in Windows 11 is the Start menu, which provides quick access to frequently used programs and documents, as well as so-called universal apps that use the Modern UI tiled interface. The menu is fully customizable: you can resize it, control the location of the interactive dynamic tiles Live Tiles, combine them into thematic groups, remove unnecessary shortcuts and pin new ones. For the convenience of users, Microsoft developers have provided in the Start menu buttons for turning off the computer, quick access to account settings, operating system parameters and other controls.

  1. New notification center

In Windows 11, the Action Center has been further developed, which is displayed on the right side of the desktop by clicking on the corresponding key in the taskbar next to the clock. Now it collects and demonstrates all information about the operation of the system and focuses the user’s attention on certain problems.

win 11

In addition, it displays, in addition to the usual notifications, information about Skype calls, alarms, app store messages, calendar reminders and so on. Additionally, the new Action Center provides controls for computer modes, VPN settings, connections to wireless devices, and other system settings.

  1. Personal virtual assistant Cortana

The virtual voice assistant with elements of artificial intelligence, familiar to the owners of smartphones based on Windows Phone 8.1, is now present in the desktop version of the “dozen”. Cortana allows you to plan things, search for information on your computer disk and the Internet, set up notifications about important events, book hotels and solve other tasks, including informing the user about the traffic situation or flight cancellations.

Currently, Cortana is available only in a number of countries and will be optimized for work in Russia later. Microsoft is currently integrating the voice assistant with Russian services that provide up-to-date information about restaurants, hotels, museums, government agencies, tickets, etc. The company emphasizes that the issue here is not so much in the recognition and correct interpretation of Russian speech, but in the preparation of the appropriate ecosystem in cooperation with Microsoft partners.

  1. Browser Microsoft Edge

With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft has brought the world its new web browser, Edge, to replace Internet Explorer and compete with alternative solutions. The Internet browser presented by the software giant was created from scratch, Window 11 features built using new rendering engines for web pages and a JavaScript interpreter, integrated with Cortana, allows you to create notes and quickly share information found on the Web, and is also equipped with a set of tools for comfortable browsing and work with content.

  1. Supports 2-in-1 hybrid PCs (Continuum function)

Owners of multi-mode Ultrabook’s that combine the functions of a personal computer and a tablet no longer need to install additional software and drivers in the system to switch the desktop and tablet operating modes of the OS. On hybrid mobile PCs, Windows 11 automatically detects when the keyboard is disconnected / connected and the device is switched to a different operating mode, and independently optimizes the display for operating in the appropriate mode.

  1. Virtual desktops

Along with Mac OS and Linux-systems, now in the new Windows there is also the possibility of creating several working environments, for activation of which a corresponding icon is provided on the taskbar next to the Start button. Window 11 features Each desktop can have its own set of running applications. The user, by hovering the mouse cursor over a thumbnail of a separate virtual space, can see thumbnails of all applications open in it and even close individual programs without having to launch this workspace.

It also provides the ability to transfer application windows between different virtual tables. Everything is implemented quite conveniently and clearly – for sure, such a function will come in handy for advanced users or professionals.

  1. New store for universal apps for Windows 11 Features

Preparing the top ten for the final release, Microsoft has thoroughly modified the store of universal applications that have the same capabilities on workstations, laptops, tablets, smartphones, Xbox game consoles, only adapting to the screen size. The store received a new interface, a revised system for rating and commenting purchases, and improved navigation tools. There are also new categories here: Developer Tools, Design & Multimedia, Medicine, Photos & Videos, Personalization, Performance, Security, Shopping and others.

Improvement in Security, Games and email in Windows 11 Features
  1. Stream games from Xbox One to PC and tablet

Xbox One owners can stream their Xbox games to their PC over a local area network. And thus manage their gaming apps and profile directly from their PC or tablet. To enable this feature, on your Xbox One console, select “Allow game streaming” from the Options → Settings menu. After that, you need to open the Xbox client application on a computer running Windows 11. And select “Connect → Add device” from the left menu. After the connection is established, it will remain in the program window. Click on the “Play from console” button to activate the game streaming session from the Xbox One.

  1. Improved Windows Defender

In Windows 11, to protect against digital threats. The Windows Defender antivirus, familiar to many users of the G8, is used. Which works in real time and works in tandem with the Microsoft Active Protection Service (MAPS) cloud service. In the new system, the antivirus received simplified settings, now available in the “Update and Security” menu. And a mechanism for monitoring the operation of third-party security applications installed in the OS. Now Windows Defender is able to monitor the relevance of the virus signatures they use. And if a third-party antivirus is not updated within three days, it automatically intercepts control of computer protection.

  1. Improved email client

The mail client included in Window 11 features has also changed for the better. In addition to the familiar email controls, it has added text formatting tools. Tools for working with tables, images and markers. Also, the program has new gestures for managing incoming letters. The developers did not ignore such things as spell checking. Automatic sending of reply letters, search, etc.

Windows 11 install

Windows 11 Features and Concept

Windows 11 is the new update to the operating system that dominates the desktop. It is being rolled out in phases by Microsoft and is available free to customers with valid licenses for earlier versions of Windows 11. Windows 11 is an important version to confirm if Microsoft is definitely able to limit errors and offer the expected stability. If the previous version recovered the Service Pack concept and limited the introduction of new features, this Windows 11 does offer a good number of new features along with the latest security patches and bug fixes.

windows 11 update

Windows 11 Features

Windows 11 2004: What’s New for IT Professionals

The new features of the version not only reach consumers and Microsoft has highlighted the changes and improvements that the system offers for the professional and business segment. We review the most important ones.

Windows 11 Hello

Windows Hello is now supported as the Fast Identity Online 2 (FIDO2) authentication system in all major browsers, including Chrome and Firefox. Also, PIN login support has been added to safe mode. Windows Hello for Business now supports hybrid Azure Active Directory and phone number sign-in (MSA). FIDO2 security key support is extended to hybrid Azure Active Directory environments, allowing companies using these environments to take advantage of password less authentication .

Windows 11 Defender System Guard

The security system included in Windows 11 now enables a higher level of system management mode (SMM) firmware protection, which goes beyond checking operating system memory and additional resources such as registers and IO. With this enhancement, the operating system can detect a higher level of compliance. This feature is prospective and currently requires new hardware. Windows Defender Application Guard has been available in Edge Chromium browser since early 2020.

Windows 11 install

windows 11 Setting

Windows 11 configuration enhancements for system deployment include:

  • Reduced downtime during feature updates.
  • Improved controls for reserved storage.
  • Enhanced controls and diagnostics.
  • New recovery options. (Now with a new support option called “Cloud Download” to recover damaged computers or restore systems to a clean copy without the need for installation media or using local recovery images or partitions.)

windows 11 advance features

windows 11 SetupDiag

Windows 11 install automatically is a command line tool that can help diagnose why a Windows 11 update failed. SetupDiag works by looking for Windows installation log files. When searching for log files, SetupDiag uses a set of rules to match known issues. If there is a problem with the update, SetupDiag runs automatically to determine the cause of the problem.

windows 11 Deployment

The Microsoft Endpoint Manager Upgrade Wizard is available in Configuration Manager and is intended to simplify the deployment of Windows 11. The Windows Evaluation and Deployment Toolkit, Windows ADK, and Windows PE for Windows 11 2004 is also available. Microsoft Deployment Tools (MDT) is compatible with this version, but a problem is being fixed in its operation.

windows 11 Windows Autopilot

A business tool powered by cloud computing, with which Microsoft intends to facilitate and simplify the deployment of new Windows 11-based computers. In this release, AutoPilot can be configured in hybrid Azure Active Directory with VPN support. This media is also compatible with Windows 11. If you configure the language settings in the autopilot profile and the device is connected to Ethernet, all scenarios will now skip the language, locale, and keyboard pages.

windows 11 Delivery optimization 

Microsoft has enhanced the Windows PowerShell cmdlets Get-Delivery Optimization Status, Get-Delivery Optimization Log Analysis, and Enable-Delivery Optimization Verbose Logs, to improve uptime, connections, and troubleshooting to optimize deliveries. Enterprise network acceleration has been enhanced to optimize foreground versus background acceleration, as is cloud-based automatic congestion detection.

Windows 11 Update for Business

Windows Update for Business enhancements in this release include Intune console updates that allow you to specify which version of Windows 11 devices can be moved to and keep devices at their current version until they reach the end of service. Also validation, to ensure that devices and end users remain productive and protected, Microsoft uses protection holds to prevent devices from updating when there are known issues that could affect that device.

Windows 11 Sandbox

The added security feature in the Pro, Education, and Enterprise versions of Windows 11, which enables applications to run in a secure, isolated desktop environment, is also enhanced with greater configuration control and bug fixes.


Microsoft will release in Windows 11 May 2021 Update the second version of the Linux Subsystem for Windows with important improvements over the original, especially in performance. From a simple compatibility layer, it will now offer a full Linux kernel running on a lightweight virtual machine and once installed it will be upgradeable from Windows Update like other Windows components. Related, although it is offered as a separate application, Microsoft published a couple of weeks ago Windows Terminal 1.0 , the definitive application with which it intends to unify the command line tools, since you will be able to interact with all of them (Command Prompt, PowerShell or WSL) from the same interface.

windows 11 Virtual desks

Virtual desktops were one of the novelties of Windows 11. Not because they had not been used in Windows in the past but because it was the first time that Microsoft provided the system with this feature natively and included it by default as a part of the system operational. You will now be able to put custom names in the task view and you will also have the ability to keep your settings between reboots.

windows 11 Desktop Analytics

Desktop Analytics is a cloud-connected service integrated with Configuration Manager that provides data-driven insights for managing Windows endpoints in your organization. Desktop Analytics requires a Windows E3 or E5 license, or a Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 license. Windows 11 is available for download via MSDN, via the web from the Media Creation Tool, and for some computers on Windows Update. More information | Microsoft