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A funny anecdote circulates around the corners of the web: legend has it that the versions of Windows finished in even numbers or released in even years (such as Windows 2.0, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows Vista and Windows 8) have not enjoyed Best of luck. We are not talking about their failure, but their results in the end did not meet expectations. Behind that unfortunate coincidence would be the reason why Microsoft chose to skip number 9 to venture with Windows 10.

“It seems they wanted to break a curse,” said entrepreneur Freddy Vega of the online education community Platzi , jokingly . Microsoft has another reason, of course. According to company executives, the 10 symbolizes a new era, a renewal. And it is. For the first time, Windows will be offered for free as of today, July 29, 2015, for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. Those who have pirated copies will not enjoy such benefit. Nor will customers of the Enterprise version (for companies) access this gift. The gift will run until July 29, 2016. If you do not upgrade during that year, you will have to pay for Windows 10.


If you participated in the Windows 10 trial phase, (that is, you are ‘Insider’) and want to continue receiving copies evaluation, you can continue in the program after July 29. You will continue to receive trial versions. You can choose to exit the program at any time and purchase an official copy. What will happen to those who wish to purchase a Windows 10 license?

Windows 10 tested

They may do so for a price of $ 120. Windows 10 tested Enlarge Installation takes about an hour or a little longer, depending on several factors, including the power of your equipment. At the beginning of the process, Windows will offer you the option to keep your personal files, applications and configuration data. With this option, even your desktop background or custom interfaces will be kept. However, you will surely have to reinstall several programs. In turn, you can choose to keep only your files or delete everything.

Windows 10 engineer Muhammed Sanji, in dialogue with Tecnósfera , confessed that, indeed, during the development process, Microsoft took the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8 to create a product that was innovative and familiar to users at the same time. Weather. The result is a clean and intuitive interface. Windows 10 pleases those who love simplicity. For example, the Settings area has few icons and is easy to understand. The Start Menu takes up the concept of tiles and highlights the most used programs at the top. He is friendly. On the taskbar there is a button to open a Notification and Action Centre that is inspired by the control zones of mobile operating systems. In that place, you can activate and deactivate basic options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode or GPS. Cortana becomes part of the taskbar.

Next to the icons of the most used programs, there is a search field under the name “Ask me everything”. Cortana will ask you what your name is and will begin to interact with you using voice or text commands. Like Siri and Google Now, it has a repertoire of fun answers to casual questions. If you ask him: “Who is your father?” It will respond with a jocular: “Technically, Bill Gates.”

Future of Windows

The future of Windows Analysts expect Microsoft to aim to turn its operating system into a service that requires a membership to pay for as with Office 365 or the Adobe suite. It is also assumed that future versions will arrive more frequently, as happens with mobile operating systems and Mac OS X in the universe.

The file explorer apparently it looks the same. But Microsoft has improved one aspect: the icons have been worked to make them look better on very high-resolution screens, such as 4K. This responds to complaints from some users saying that icons look very small in this type of monitors. Edge is cleaner and faster Edge has a clean interface. It is much faster than Internet Explorer and its performance is close to that of its main competitors: Firefox and Chrome. However, it will not accept plug-ins. If you want to continue using Explorer, you can do it, you’ll find it in the Accessories folder. Minimum requirements Take note, your PC must have a 1 Ghz or faster processor, 1 GB of RAM for the 32-bit version or 2 GB for the 64-bit version, between 16 and 20 GB of hard disk space and a memory card. Video that supports DirectX 9 or higher.

The minimum screen resolution should be 1024 by 600 pixels. Multiple desks one of the most striking options in Windows 10 is its task manager. They are now displayed as bullets. It is a concept that is already familiar to users thanks to experience with other operating systems such as iOS and android and their arrival at Microsoft’s solution is appreciated. Within that area, we have the option of creating multiple desktops.


How many? According to engineer Muhammed Sanji, an Insider pushed this functionality to the limit and reached 177 desktops. There is no limit from the point of view of software. Control what Cortana knows about you for some, the fact that Cortana learns about your content consumption and tool management habits is a risk. However, there is a notebook or notebook to which can be accessed to adjust how much you know about the wizard. If you want to migrate, virtualization is an option for some companies, migrating to Windows 10 can be inconvenient.

There are firms whose software solutions were designed for previous operating systems and it will be necessary to reprogram them or adapt them to the characteristics of the new platform. This can take months of development. Companies like Citrix virtualization provide options for users to run the software packages required in a virtual machine, which would facilitate migration.

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