Guide To Fix Windows 7 Errors

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Fix Registry Errors: Windows 7 The registry is a kind of internal computer database, which the operating system regularly accesses when the user performs various significant actions, for example, installing a new program. With an illiterate handling of the registry or under the influence of unfavorable third-party factors on it, a variety of errors, problems and failures in the normal operation of the system arise. After reviewing the information below, you will receive recommendations for fixing errors quickly and efficiently.

Making a copy of the registry

First of all, back it up. For users of Windows 8 and newer OS versions, the guide consists of the following steps:
• move the cursor up to the right;
• click “Run”, then enter the regedit command and press Enter;
• go to the File menu, select the Export category;
• enter the desired file name and specify the location to save it;
• save a backup copy of the registry.


Users of Windows 7 and previous OS versions need to do the following:

  • grow the Start menu, enter the word regedit in the hunt bar and press the Enter button;
  • click on the File button, open the Export menu;
  • set the ideal record name, area to save the reinforcement and straightforwardly save it.

For the resulting rebuilding of the vault from the made duplicate, you should play out overall similar activities, just rather than the Export button, click on Import.

Fixing registry errors in automatic mode

Understanding the peculiarities of the code designation of each possible registry error and learning how to manually fix it is not the most interesting exercise. It is important to know only one thing: there is a cause – there is a consequence, i.e. each error in the registry leads to failures in the work of certain user-defined functions. To automatically fix registry errors, you can use one of the many specialized programs available today. In the case of Windows, it would be more expedient to rely on CCleaner, a proven program for fixing registry errors.

Working with the program is approved out in a few simple steps:

  • Select the “Registry” section;
    • Click on the “Search for problems” button;
    • After found problems (errors), click “Fix”;
    • Errors will be corrected, and your computer will no longer produce incomprehensible errors.

How to fix error 0x8007112A

Windows error 0x8007112A appears with the following error message when users try to move or delete folders. “Inconsistency between the tag specified in the request and the tag present at the reparse point” This error can occur for several reasons. It could be corrupted OS files, a conflict with another program, or just a Windows update corrupted. Below are the fixes for this error.

Fix # 1

If Windows users are facing error 0x8007112A with a shared folder or subfolder in OneDrive, the problem might simply be a lack of permissions. You can fix this by running the Files and Folders Troubleshooter or the Shared Folders Troubleshooter for Windows 10. Both of these utilities will automatically fix the error. Download the Windows Files and Folders Troubleshooter and then run the utility. When the Windows Files and Folders Troubleshooter opens, click Advanced and select the Apply the fix automatically checkbox, and then click Next.

After scanning is complete, users will need to check the boxes related to the problem they are experiencing. If you are unsure which box to check, check Problems with deleting files and folders and Renaming or moving files and folders. Then click “Next” and wait for the process to complete. After that, if the troubleshooter has fixed the error, restart your computer and try the task that caused the 0x8007112A error in the first place.

Correction # 2

If the error is still not fixed, and this happened with a shared folder in Windows 10, press “Windows + R” and type “ms-settings: Troubleshoot” in the small window that opens and press Enter.

This will open the Troubleshoot tab. Scroll down and find “Find and fix other problems.”

Let’s scan and paste the location of the shared folder that is causing the error and click next.

Follow the instructions to apply the hotfix. Restart your computer and network, this will fix error 0x8007112A.

Fix # 3

If the above troubleshooting utilities didn’t work for you, then you need to run the DISM and SFC utilities. next option. Click on the search bar, enter CMD and run it as administrator. Enter the following command and press Enter. sfc / scannow Wait for the scan to complete and repair any damaged files. After the process is complete, restart your computer. Open CMD again and type the following command, hit enter and make sure the system is connected to the internet.

Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / CheckHealth If the command shows there are corrupted files, type the following command and press Enter. Dism / Online / Cleanup -Image / ScanHealth Remember that both of these commands take some time to complete the scan. After that enter the following command and press Enter. Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth After that, restart your computer and the error 0x8007112A will be fixed.

Fix # 4

If the above fixes didn’t work, restoring your PC to a previous build might resolve the error. There is a chance that a Windows update or a faulty driver is causing the 0x8007112A error.Check out our Guide to recovering Windows 10 to learn how to do it.

Correction # 5

If none of the above fixes worked for you, the problem might be corrupted OS files. This can be fixed by restoring the OS, but users will need a compatible Windows installation media to do so. Run the installation and choose to restore the OS instead of installing the OS.

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