How to turn off all notifications in Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11 working framework has Notifications highlight which is extremely convenient to monitor significant changes occurring in the framework. It keeps the client informed about basic and additionally pressing messages and messages.

Be that as it may, it very well may be somewhat irritating assuming warnings continue to spring up, particularly when you are occupied with accomplishing something significant and don’t have any desire to get upset. In such case, the most ideal choice is to incapacitate warnings by and large.

In this bit by bit guide, we will spread out the technique on handicapping every one of the warnings on your Windows 11 PC. While there’s choice to alter it in a manner to not get warnings for a specific application or set of applications, we will be directing you through the course of how to totally handicap notices.

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Open the Settings application on your Windows 11 PC. For this, click on the Start Menu on your taskbar and afterward click on the “Settings” application.

At the point when the Settings application opens, click on the “Framework” tab from the left sidebar.

When you are in the “Framework” settings, find and snap on the “Warnings” tile present on the right-side segment.

You can now see all notice related settings on your screen. To turn of the multitude of notices, flip the switch OFF for Notifications.

That is it. You have now impaired warnings from all applications on your Windows 11 PC, including Microsoft’s own applications. In any case, you will in any case get warnings for tips and deceives on utilizing your Windows PC alongside ideas on the best way to set up your gadget.


Windows 11 notifications

One of the critical objectives of Windows 11 is to give a smoothed out and worked on UI. Thus the furthest right space of the taskbar is currently significantly streamlined and is not generally alluded to as the notice region. All things being equal, it’s gracelessly called “the taskbar corner.”

Status symbols like OneDrive and outsider applications are as yet independent, each actually gives its own UI. In any case, Microsoft has united the framework symbols, date/time show, and warnings into two new interfaces, called Quick Settings and Notifications.

Speedy Settings looks and works similar as the Quick Settings interface in Chrome OS, and it is opened by choosing the framework symbols to one side of the date/time. The console alternate way, which was recently utilized by Action Center in Windows 10, is WINKEY + A.

Windows 11 notifications

What’s odd is that a typical snap (or, with contact, tap) works for all of the framework symbols; they are chosen as a solitary thing. Yet, you can right-click (or long-press) every symbol separately to see choices identified with simply that thing. For instance, when you right-click the Volume symbol, you will see choices related uniquely to sound.

You show the Notifications sheet by choosing the date/time morally justified of the taskbar. Or on the other hand, by composing the new WINKEY + N console easy route. This interface shows any forthcoming notices and, at the last, a schedule, comparative yet less utilitarian than the taskbar-based schedule interface from Windows 10.

The schedule show has changed a couple of times previously during the Windows 11 beta. Right now, it shows the whole current month naturally, however you can contract it to give more space to notices.

This arrangement doesn’t “stick,” nonetheless. Assuming you open in later, or after a reboot, it returns to the default show. I presume that this will change when Windows 11 boats.

On Windows 11, another Quick Settings menu replaces the Action Center and warnings are presently housed over the schedule UI in a different box. Windows 11’s new Quick Settings looks like Windows 10X’s Quick Settings and it allows you to empower highlights like flight mode without going through menus or the full Windows Settings application.

At the present time, on the off chance that you open the Quick Settings menu in Windows 11, and snap on the plane symbol, Microsoft will wind down every single remote association, including cell (if accessible), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Microsoft is chipping away at another element that will recall when you turn on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi while the gadget is in standalone mode. For instance, assuming you physically turn on Bluetooth when the gadget is in flight mode, Microsoft will recall your inclination and Bluetooth will be empowered naturally when you switch off-line mode sometime later.

This would make it simpler to continue to pay attention to earphones and stay associated while voyaging, as per Microsoft authorities. As you’re likely mindful, Windows 11’s notice place has been moved to the Calendar flyout. The notice feed can be gotten to by tapping on the date and time.

Microsoft is currently chipping away at a progression of changes to work on the experience of the notice place on Windows 11. In the most recent see update, Microsoft is A/B testing another component where three high need warnings will be stacked and displayed simultaneously. This will apply to applications that send high need notices like calls, updates, alerts and others that influence Windows notices.

Windows 11’s refreshed warning community conduct could diminish mess as the feed will house up to four notices simultaneously, including high need notices and one ordinary notice. Microsoft is right now testing notice focus upgrades with a little gathering of clients in the Dev Channel, so it isn’t accessible to all analyzers presently.


Turn On or Off Specific Windows Notifications 

Specific Windows Notifications 

Press Windows key + I to open up the Settings menu.

Then, snap or tap on System from the upward menu on the left.

With the System tab chose, move over to the right-hand sheet and snap or tap on Notifications.

When you’re inside the Notifications settings page, look down to the Notifications from applications and different senders segment and mood killer or on the committed switches as indicated by which applications you need to get notices from.

When the progressions have been authorized, you can securely close the Settings screen.


Turn On or Off All Windows 11 Notifications 

All Windows 11 Notifications 

Press Windows key + R to open up a Run exchange box. Then, type ‘regedit’ inside the text box that recently showed up, then, at that point, press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open up a Registry Editor page with administrator access.

At the point when you’re provoked by the User Account Control brief, click Yes to allow regulatory advantages.

When you’re inside the Registry Editor, utilize the menu on the left-hand side to explore to the accompanying area:

Right-click on PushNotifications from the menu on the left and pick New > Dword (32-digit) Value from the setting menu that recently showed up.

Then, move over to the right-hand sheet and rename the recently made Dword to ToastEnabled by right-tapping on the thing and picking Rename.

Double tap on the recently made ToastEnabled thing then, at that point, set the Base to Hexadecimal and the Value to 1 contingent upon what you’re hoping to achieve:

When the change has been made, close Registry Editor and reboot your PC to permit the progressions to produce results.

Press Windows key + N to open up the Notification Center on Windows 11.

Then, click on the activity button (three-spot symbol) from the highest point of the application that you need to wind down warnings for.

From the setting menu that recently showed up, click on Turn off all notices for *name of the app*.


Windows 11 airplane mode and notification center

Windows 11 airplane mode

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Microsoft is chipping away at another component that recalls when you turn on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi while in quite mode. For instance, assuming you physically empower Bluetooth while the gadget is in off-line mode, Microsoft will recall your inclination and empower Bluetooth naturally the following time you flip the off-line mode.

As indicated by Microsoft authorities, this would make it more straightforward to pay attention to earphones and remain associated while voyaging. This is the kind of thing like we have seen on the Android 11 update that doesn’t wind down Bluetooth in Airplane mode assuming you are utilizing one.

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