PlayStation5 specifications Price, Release Date, DualSense Controller
At the end of 2020, PlayStation5 the next generation of video games will change: Sony and Microsoft will release new, brutally powerful consoles for the PlayStation5 games of the coming years. At the same time, in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic and other global events, the PlayStation5 gaming industry was left without major events like E3, so we receive information about PlayStation 5 new consoles in portions. And, of course, it is very difficult to keep track of all the mini-announcements of companies, where important details are reported.
PlayStation5 specifications Price, Release Date, DualSense Controller

PlayStation 5 design

the console will be released in two versions: regular PlayStation5 and PlayStation5 Digital Edition, which will not have a floppy drive. Both consoles can be placed vertically or horizontally – however, they require a stand for both positions. At the moment, only the black and white version has been announced. Sony has yet to clarify the dimensions of the console, but players have already compared official images of it with other devices in terms of the size of the USB ports and the drive slot. Obviously, the PS5 will be huge – even bigger than the original PlayStation 3.
PlayStation 5 design

PlayStation 5 gamepad

Sony took the PS4 gamepad, the DualShock 4, and completely reshaped it. The new DualSense controller is more convex, slightly larger and, like the console itself, is black and white. There are also enough functional innovations: • All DualShock 4 controls remain in place, including the touchpad in the middle of the controller. • The lightbar is now striped along the sides of the touchpad. • PS button now looks like an embossed PlayStation logo. • Create has replaced the Share button. The implication is that players will have some new way to share their gaming experience in addition to screenshots, videos, streams and Share Play (the ability to transfer control to another console over the network). Sony has yet to reveal what this new feature is. • The primitive vibration motor has been replaced by a detailed vibration feedback that can convey sensations from different surfaces and materials in the game. • The hammers will become fully adaptive (that is, they will vibrate, like the Xbox One) and will receive dynamic resistance – for example, when shooting a bow, players will feel the tension of the bowstring. • Microphones are built into the gamepad, thanks to which it will be possible to communicate in voice chats without a headset. • 3.5 mm jack remains in place. • USB-C connector for charging. Read more – The top best gaming Fast RAM for gamers in 2021 Read more – Best graphic card for 4k gaming pc gamer and creators 2021 Read more – Best gaming monitor for a smooth gaming experience Read more – BEST WIRELESS GAMING MOUSE Of Premium Quality

Release date and price

Playstation 5 will be released on November 19, 2020 and will cost 45,990 rubles. The digital edition will cost less – 37,990 rubles. Pre-order is already available in major electronics stores.


The next-gen specs also play an important role for fans of the Sony console. The processor is an eight-core AMD Ryzen 3rd generation on 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture with a clock speed of (variable) 3.5 GHz. The graphics chip is a custom one based on the AMD RDNA2 architecture with a frequency (variable) of 2.23 Hz. In theory, the PS5 will allow you to play in 8K resolution. However, now there are no games supporting this resolution, the available maximum is 4K. Also, the new product at the hardware level supports ray tracing technology in games. System memory – 16 GB GDDR6. The main memory on the disk is 825 GB. A slot is provided for expanding storage capacity using an external SSD. Drive – Blu-Ray 4K UHD. The total computing power of the console is 10.28 teraflops. Can I play PS4 games on PS5? For many fans, it is important that the PlayStation 5 is backward compatible so that older games can be played on the new console. And according to PlayStation board member Jim Ryan, about 99% of PS4 games will play on the PlayStation 5. Backward compatibility games can be launched either from a PS4 disc or by downloading a previously purchased PS4 version from a digital store. But nothing is known about the compatibility of PS5 with games for old consoles (PS3, PS2, etc.). However, we assume that projects of these generations will not work on PS5, as the structure of the new console is too different from past devices. However, there is another way to play old games. Sony has launched the PlayStation Now service (not available in Russia), which uses cloud computing technology. In order to start playing, you need to download the corresponding application on your PC or PS5. Access to the library of games from PS2, PS3, and PS4 is available by subscription. PlayStation 5 games although Sony has already revealed several flagship PS5 exclusives, the dates are not clear yet. It is also unknown which games will be included in the PS5 launch lineup. Marvel’s Spider Man: Miles Morales is a standalone add-on to the 2018 hit with significant graphics improvements and a new Spider-Man in the title role. As in the comics, Miles will receive unique super powers: invisibility and spider venom. The release is expected in winter 2020. Deathloop – an immersive action game about spies stuck in a time loop. Developed by Arkane Studios, creators of the Dishonored series and the latest Prey. Coming to PS5 and PC in December 2020, with Xbox Series X coming later. Horizon Forbidden West – the continuation of one of the most impressive PS4 exclusives about the post-post-apocalyptic Earth of the distant future, in which people returned to tribal society and coexist with robotic animals. The sequel will feature impressive graphics and many new locations. There is no specific release date, but the developers are targeting 2021. Ratchet & Clank: Rift apart – the sequel to the remake of the classic action-platformer from the PlayStation 2. This time the game will be able to jump across interdimensional rifts from one planet to another without any downloads. According to the developers, such a mechanic was made possible thanks to the SSD of the new console. No release date. Godfall – looter-slasher about the war of the demigods. So far, practically nothing is known about the plot, but support for a cooperative for three people has been announced. The authors of the Borderlands shooter series are participating in the development. It will be released in late 2020 and will be a temporary PS5 console exclusive. Returnal is the most ambitious and biggest game from the arcade shooter experts Housemarque to make Resogun for PS4. The main character is an astronaut who is stuck in an endless cycle of life and death after a crash on a hostile planet. With each death of the heroine, the planet somehow changes, what is happening will be explained in a plot reminiscent of the plot of the film “Edge of the Future”. No release date.

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