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Everything Microsoft improved with Windows 10 and upcoming Updates

Although according to Microsoft and also Stat Counter , Windows 10 already surpasses Windows 7 in installations , there are still many users who are still clinging to a version of the system that is almost 10 years old , that was left without initial support in 2015 and that is will be out of extended support in February 2020.

For its part, Windows 8.1 continues to maintain a discreet third place. It is a version that will be supported until 2023 but that never really got off the ground. For many Windows 7 was simply better and they preferred to stay there. But, objectively, between these two almost abandoned old men , which system performs better?

Everything Microsoft improved with Windows 10 and 8 / 8.1

Windows 8

The misfortune of Windows 8 / 8.1 was its interface, all the initial changes, leaving aside the classic start menu and changing quite drastically the interface that everyone knew, it ended up driving away many users, but leaving that aside , the reality is that Windows 8.1 has many improvements in relation to Windows 7 . Read Windows vs Mac OS https://www.windo11release.com/5-reasons-why-windows-is-better-than-mac/


With Windows 8 / 8.1 the shutdown and hibernation modes were combined into one, the system uses a hybrid boot mode which makes the computer start up much faster thanks to the kernel leaving the system hibernating instead of shutting it down completely, making it possible for the computer to start up in a few seconds .

Everything Microsoft improved with Windows 10

You may or may not remember it, but it was highly praised when Windows 8 was released. One of the few things people took time to praise after complaining about the startup screen for days.

Speed and resource consumption

  • Aero Windows 7
  • Aero, nightmare nightmare

Despite the errors made in usability, the new Windows 8 / 8.1 interface was a way of dressing the new engine that opting for simpler colors and fewer visual effects than the Aero Glass in Windows 7, ended up offering a faster system than consumes fewer resources .

Saying goodbye to Aero Glass in Windows 7 meant an improvement in resource consumption for Windows 8.1

This is especially true on low-resource computers. Multiple benchmark tests left Windows 8 / 8.1 better than Windows 7, albeit with minor differences.

Data transfer

Windows 8.1 transfers data faster and with a better interface . Microsoft understood that there were elements of the Windows 7 file transfer system that were confusing and somewhat disastrous.

That was improved with Windows 8 which has better and more detailed dialogs, with far fewer failures to end operations when copying . Especially when dealing with files and folders that have the same name.


Directx 11 Offline Installer

Windows 8.1 64-bit supports Directx 11.1 , something that in theory should improve performance when it comes to making better use of your GPU when gaming, and that Windows 7 did not receive. However, Windows 8 / 8.1 was never a favorite of PC gamers, as many games had compatibility problems and caused many errors and headaches. Everything Microsoft improved with Windows 10 is spread on web fastly.

Overall, Windows 8.1 added a long list of improvements to the system to improve its performance , it is a version that boots faster, consumes less resources and optimizes file transfers and GPU performance.

Many of the Windows 8 interface horrors were fixed with Windows 8.1, but a lot of the damage was done and Microsoft jumped on the Windows 10 truck fast.

Windows 10: With these 6 tips, your private data is safe

Tip 1: set general data protection

Windows 10 is inherently, with the standard settings, an inquisitive operating system that grants itself a lot of rights and collects a lot of user data. Usually this is not a problem, because Windows uses this data to customize the operating system. However, you can configure all the settings in Windows 10 for general data protection according to your wishes and switch them off or adjust them accordingly.

To do so by pressing the Windows Tas-th and i the settings and then select data protection from. You will see the left sub-items as Kame-ra or micro-fon , you can click individually to the rights of use for Microsoft with the slider off.

Example: Under the item camera you find the point Apps to use my camera Eger-ben . Here you can choose between On and Off or grant specific access to individual apps. If you generally for a decision, you also grant access to the Windows 10 use. If you switch off the function completely, it can happen that certain functions of Windows 10 can only be used to a limited extent or not at all, for example a Skype video call. As a user, you have to weigh up whether security or convenience is more important to you.

Windows 10: With these 6 tips, your private data is safe

Tip 2: switch off Cortana

The Cortana virtual assistant is designed to help find a solution quickly to many questions and problems. She understands both typed questions and, if a microphone is connected, spoken questions. For Cortana to work properly, however, you need to give Cortana extensive access to your behavior, contacts, and more.

If you do not want that, you can also switch Cortana off. To do so again in the gen A-stel-lun . Under voice recognition, hands-free and one-ga-be can park Cortana. All you have to do is set the slide switch to Off . To prevent all Cortana data collections, you should go to the Bing website under Manage cloud information in the same menu and go to Settings. Here you can delete the personal data already collected.

Tip 3: configure Microsoft Browser Edge

Microsoft’s new browser Edge works closely with the company’s own search engine Bing and the news service MSN – also a Microsoft product. As a result, user behavior is analyzed, the location is transmitted and every page visited is transmitted directly to Microsoft. If you do not want that, you can configure the Microsoft Edge browser accordingly.

To change the settings, click the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner of the Edge browser window. Now open the menu A-stel-lun-gen and then open it with new tabs . Here you select Empty Be th out, hide suggested MSN content. Under Advanced A-stel-lun-gen you will also find the sliders search suggestions when entering View, page forecast ver-wen-to and my PC with SmartScreen for malicious websites and downloads Shakers-zen . If you set this to OffEdge is decidedly less curious and no longer forwards data on your browsing behavior. Here you can also switch off Cortana separately for Bing.

Tip 4: turn off suggestions from Windows 10

If you are logged on to Windows 10 with a Microsoft account – and most users are the – makes your operating system each time the computer offers, which apps interesting or useful ten-could be for you . For these tips, the operating system collects data about which apps and programs are on the computer and have been downloaded. The use of certain programs and apps is also recorded. You do not want that Microsoft collects this information, go to the A-stel-lun-gen and there in the menu Per-so-na-li-she-tionto deactivate the function for the lock screen and the start menu. And the tips – and the associated data transfer – are history. If you want to use this service, there is no alternative to the associated data transfer.

Tip 5: slow down curious apps

Many apps require access to your data in order for them to work at all. Windows 10 collects this information and makes it available to the apps by default. For example, about the location of the user, his surfing behavior on the Internet and much more. This can help the app do its job well, but some personal information is also used.

Data collection can be on the menu one-stel-lun-gen under protection data unwind. Simply change the data protection option under the data protection option , set all sliders to Off and the curiosity of the apps is over. However, if you want or even have to allow certain apps or programs to use certain data in order for them to work, you can do this yourself in the settings of the relevant apps. This gives you better control over which applications you allow access to your data – and which not.

Tip 6: Use OneDrive with a password

Windows provides every user with 5 GB of free space on the OneDrive online hard drive by default. Microsoft reserves the right to scan photo files. This is justified with the search for illegal content. Going OneDrive without that Microsoft sees your images, there is only one option: to protect the images in a separate encrypted container that you hen ver-se-with a password . You can put several images in a container and then encrypt it with a password.

Windows 10, 8.1, 7 or earlier versions, Mac OS or Linux

Regardless of our recommendations, we install on any computer any operating system indicated by the client, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, any Linux distribution or even without an operating system.

Windows 10 is an operating system specially developed for mobiles and tablets that also works on personal or desktop computers. It is entirely based on the model of what are known as apps (simple and limited applications for phones and tablets) and in the cloud. It is an operating system comparable to Google Android or Apple iOS (the operating system of Apple iPhone and iPad phones and tablets) , but it is not comparable to Windows 7 or earlier versions, Mac OS or Linux which are operating systems for personal computers or desktop.

Being an operating system for mobiles and tablets, it obviously has much fewer options and features than an operating system for personal or desktop computers such as Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows, Linux or Mac OS. They have removed a ton of functionality, options, and features. Also everything is less configurable and customizable. In general, all the options that were in the control panel are much cut.


Microsoft also takes control of the operating system and there are many options that Microsoft does not allow to change, default applications already installed that cannot be uninstalled and locked system folders that are impossible to access and options that Microsoft does not allow to change. Updates are now automatic and mandatory. You cannot choose the ones you want nor can they be disabled. Microsoft always automatically installs all of them and there is no option or control to change this. And this happens with many other options of the operating system.

Windows 10

Like Windows 8.x, it still lacks the start menu, instead they have limited themselves to putting the Windows 8.x or Windows Phone start screen in a small size which is not comparable to the famous start menu we know and the that we are used to and to which they have added advertising that Microsoft calls “recommendations”. This home screen continues to have many limitations and hardly any customization options. All the searches that are made on this home screen, perform searches both on the computer’s storage units and on the Internet through Microsoft’s Bing search engine, an option that, as in all this operating system, cannot be changed for another such as if one wants the google search.

Microsoft intends to amortize and obtain profit from this operating system through advertising, the sale of mobile apps through its Windows store (Windows Store) and through cloud services, hence it requires an account connected to Microsoft by logging into Microsoft servers. Although there is the option of creating a local account, the system will constantly suggest and indicate that we create an account or log in to Microsoft’s servers. In fact, many functions don’t work if you don’t sign in with a Microsoft account. The whole system is developed based on the apps, the store, the cloud services and the advertising. In fact, the Windows 10 programming libraries include libraries to program the inclusion of advertising in the system and obtain benefits for it.

Right to share all the information

It should also be noted that Microsoft is constantly monitoring all our activity in the system, such as our searches, our location, etc. In order to be able to offer advertising and services in accordance with the uses we make of the operating system and reserves the right to share all the information that it collects about us with other collaborating companies. Even if all these tracking options are disabled by Microsoft in the settings, the system continues to send information to Microsoft that clearly identifies our account or our team even if we only have a local account created.

Windows 10 includes many mobile and tablet apps installed by default, even some of them with advertising included, something unacceptable in a paid operating system, and none of these apps can be uninstalled. Although the option to uninstall these apps appears, when uninstalling them it is limited to deleting the direct access to the app and every time we install an update, or create a new account, we observe that these apps that we had supposedly uninstalled reappear. In addition, all these apps are very limited, simple, unstable and quite lacking in functionality.

It is striking that an operating system from the year 2015, its default email application is a simple and crappy app with less functionality, features and connectivity than the email application for Windows 95, Microsoft Mail and News from 1996. The new Windows 10 calculator is the same as that of a Windows Mobile 10 phone. In fact, it is exactly the same application and the same code as in all apps. Hence, it makes no sense to install or buy a computer to use Windows 10, since with a phone or tablet under $ 300 with Windows 10 you get basically the same thing.

Windows 10 is much faster than in previous versions

Although the start-up of Windows 10 is much faster than in previous versions, the general operation of the system is much slower because practically the entire system is developed for mobiles and tablets and works with mobile apps. In fact, the performance tests performed based on processor loads, memory access and storage unit readings are much slower compared to Windows 7. Even with games we get lower performance and frames per second (FPS) than with Windows 7.

Also noteworthy is the poor quality of software development by Microsoft since 2010. This whole system in general has many parts that are incomplete or half developed and other parts or features that do not work directly. For example you cannot create a wireless network point as in Windows 7 or you have deleted previous versions of files.