9 pc best shooting games for 2021
Today’s, PC shooting games lovers have the widest selection of completely free first-person shooters with excellent graphics and a gripping storyline: just mention Team Fortress 2 pc shooting games and Planetside 2 pc shooting games. Our selection of just nine excellent pc shooting games in this category, for which you will not have to pay a dime.
9 pc best shooting games for 2021
1. TEAM FORTRESS 2 let’s start, of course, with the greatest hit. Team Fortress 2 is a cross-platform shooter available for Windows, OS X and Linux. Thanks to albeit not very perfect, but extremely beautiful graphics and balanced gameplay, MMOFPS Team Fortress 2, seven years (!) After its release, is still liked by both extreme gamers and ordinary fans of “shooting”. This game still has one of the largest player bases on Steam. By genre, Team Fortress 2 is a hybrid of high-speed virtual combat and intense strategy, which show all their typical strengths and weaknesses in all nine levels of the game. At the same time, everything is served with a very specific sense of humor, typical for Team Fortress. Game tasks are very simple: as a rule, the essence consists in an intense rivalry between two teams, each of which is trying, for example, to move a cart, collect points or steal a portfolio. As with most multiplayer games, in Team Fortress 2, the player must exploit the enemy’s weak points to defend himself. However, to understand why Team Fortress 2 has been a hit for so many years, you just need to play it once.
2. PLANETSIDE 2 the Planeside 2 pc shooting games (not available in the store with settings for the Russian Federation) is designed only for the Windows platform. It is a remake of a 10-year-old multiplayer shooter, where there are also three factions-powers, fighting for the territory of the entire planet Auraxis. Despite the huge number of fighters in the factions, the results of the game are influenced by the actions of each of them – from the destruction of enemies and the capture of roadblocks to the purchase of transport. Planetside 2 features varied combat techniques, multiple levels of training, and compelling animations. Tank battles are rapidly replaced by air raids and bombings, while the scale of everything that happens is clearly felt. The essence of the game is to conquer and hold territories, but at the same time, each player has a lot of ways of self-improvement – from polishing combat skills to acquiring new weapons, so that you will not feel like just a cog in a giant war machine. Read more – UPCOMING RACING GAMES FOR PC 2021 Read more – UPCOMING BEST PC GAMES 2021 FREE DOWNLOAD Read more – Top 10 Game Downloading Sites how to download Read more – Top 10 cartoon games download for your computer 2021 3. AMERICA’S ARMY Initially, America’s Army was created as a means of promoting the US Army and recruiting military personnel, but it quickly gained popularity, as a result of which it became a whole series that has been produced for several years. The last part, titled America’s Army: Proving Grounds for Windows, still attracts with a combination of realism and addictive gameplay. Players are divided into small fire groups and are equipped with the most modern weapons. Unlike other similar games, in America’s Army you are limited to tactical missions that must be performed by specific commands. The game provides the functions of teaching the use of different types of weapons and even teaching first aid, which will help in the future. Despite many bugs, the game will delight you with original missions and maximum realism. 4. TRIBES: ASCEND Tribes: Ascend is a multiplayer first person shooter for Windows built on a modified Unreal 3 engine. The world of the game is mountains, slopes and hills, so it is characterized by specific means of transportation – skis and jetpacks. All characters have jetpacks, that is, jetpacks designed to rise into the air. There are nine classes in the game, with three characters in each, while the class can be changed right during the game. There is a system for increasing classes, gaining experience and weapons. Unlike other similar games, Tribes: Ascend is more focused on aerial combat and explosions than ground battles. The game perfectly spelled out all the features of the characters who can jointly (up to 32 players in a team) carry out several missions – from capturing the flag (the main game mode) to team combat. 5. WOLFENSTEIN: ENEMY TERRITORY The cross-platform multiplayer shooter Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory based on the world of the cult Return to Castle Wolfenstein was released back in 2003, but despite the rather mediocre graphics even at that time, it still remains relevant. The game is available for Windows, OS X and Linux. The game takes place during the Second World War, in which the Axis countries, fighting for the Third Reich, and the Allies, serving here under the flag of the United States, take part. Players can team up in teams of up to 32 people, which consist of five classes – from soldier to gunner. The possibility of improving the classes is provided. The game features six maps based on real WWII campaigns with missions in Europe and North Africa. A great feature of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is that teams of players of different classes, at the same time get at their disposal different types of weapons, ensuring success in the mission. 6. BLACKLIGHT: RETRIBUTION The game Blacklight: Retribution (not available in the store with settings for the RF) takes place in a fictional futuristic world and offers an exclusively multiplayer mode on nine maps in seven different game missions – from capturing the flag to eliminating enemies. The assortment of this MMOFPS includes the possibility of improving weapons and ammunition, restoring health and purchasing heavy artillery, as well as thousands of supported weapon combinations. Blacklight: Retribution is a Hyper Reality Visor (HRV) hypervisor that allows the player to see through walls or other obstacles for a short period of time. This feature allows you to find not only enemies directly, but also mines, weapons depots and Hardsuit combat vehicles. 7. GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTORS The multiplayer game Gotham City Impostors for Windows is addressed to fans of the Batman universe. Players enter the streets of the fictional city of Gotham as secret supporters of Batman or the Joker, and constant battles unfold between them. The game has four modes, in each of which you will find a mass of all kinds of weapons, masks, costumes, hairstyles, more than a hundred (!) Levels of player improvement and “pumping” weapons. And all this is done with great love for detail and indescribable humor. 8. WARFACE Warface is an online multiplayer shooter developed by Crytek, a German, South Korean and Ukrainian studio. And since the main developer of the game was the Ukrainian Crytek Kiev, it is not surprising that it has a fully Russified version for Windows, which is available on Mail.Ru servers . The plot, the action of which has been transferred to the near future, namely in 2023, is based on the struggle of the “world good” Warface squad against the Blackwood terrorist organization. Players can crawl and climb steep surfaces with ease, and the graphics are nearly flawless. In addition to the traditional game against each other with the usual missions like capture and team combat, Warface also has a team mission mode with three difficulty levels and five missions: safari, arena, convoy, boss kill and assassination. The game has four classes of fighters with the ability to improve. 9. HAWKEN Adhesive Games has made Hawken, a multiplayer shooter for Windows, in which the player controls a giant walking mech robot, following the ‘bigger is better’ principle .

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