Windows 10 offers a search field in the lower left of the taskbar next to the Windows logo. Installed programs, apps and system settings can be searched for. This field is actually superfluous. Because if you click on the Windows logo instead of in this search field, you can also start a search. You just have to start typing and the search box will appear automatically. So if you do not want to use the already limited space in the taskbar for the search field, the search can be replaced by a small magnifying glass symbol or hidden entirely via the context menu of the taskbar.

Replace the search bar in Windows 10 with a magnifying glass icon

  1. Right-click anywhere on the taskbar.
  2. Now select “Search -> Show search symbol”.

Completely hide the search bar in Windows 10

  1. Right-click in the search field.
  2. Select “Search” and then “Hidden”.

Cortana / Search bar should always remain dark when using system-wide dark mode, like the address bar of Edge in dark theme : Windows10

Important: If the entry “Search -> Show search field” is missing in the context menu of the taskbar, this is due to the icon size. Because the size of the icons in the taskbar can be changed from the standard size to a small size. If this is the case for you, Windows refuses to display the search field and also makes the associated menu command disappear. Change the icon size in the properties menu of the taskbar. To do this, click with the right mouse button on the taskbar and uncheck “Properties -> Use small buttons on the taskbar”. Then confirm this with “OK”. The “Show search field” command appears below, like the one in the context menu of the taskbar under “Search”.

In the event that the entry “Search” does not appear in the context menu at all, Cortana activated. This is the Windows 10 voice assistant, which can also search for programs and other things. However, if you prefer not to speak to your PC, deactivate Cortana as follows: Left-click the Windows logo and type in any letter. Instead of the start menu, the Cortana search appears, which you can deactivate by clicking on the gear symbol and “Off”.


Cortana is the name of Microsoft’s voice assistant, which is prominently placed in the taskbar in Windows 10. We’ll show you how to minimize or remove the Cortana search box.

Whether Siri, OK Google or Cortana – voice assistants are very much in fashion right now. No wonder, as they are functionally no longer comparable with what they were able to do when they were introduced. The rapid further development and the resulting new possibilities for voice control of entire systems is fascinating for many users. But there are also skeptics who see data protection guidelines violated by voice assistants and therefore avoid them.

Under  Windows 10 Cortana is preinstalled – and at a position that many users a headache. If you look to the left of the Windows Start button, you will see a large white search field behind which Cortana’s artificial intelligence is hidden. The advantage: If you don’t know what to do next, you can ask the virtual assistant for advice or simply type a question into the search field. However, users who are familiar with Windows or do not want to use Cortana will steal a lot of space in the taskbar through the search field, for example for program shortcuts. There is new windows coming all through.

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Hide Cortana from the taskbar

You can create more space for your individual taskbar by completely hiding the Cortana search field. To do this, right-click on your taskbar. A dialog window opens, go to the “Cortana” tab. In another sub-tab, you can remove the search field from the taskbar by clicking on “Hide”.

If you don’t want to do without Cortana entirely, but still want to create more space in the taskbar for further program links, simply select “Show Cortana Icon”. Now the voice assistant no longer appears as a search bar, but as a circular symbol, right next to the start button.

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