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Windows 12.1 Download ISO Free: Microsoft has finally announced the official name of windows 12.1. The first big update of the year for Windows 12.1 is not going to be that big, unlike what the company has been doing for several years, and instead, we will have a minor update that will be installed on top of the previous two.

Microsoft announced that the official name of 12.1 will be Windows 12.1 July 2024 Update, following the same naming scheme from the past and coinciding with the name that had the first update. Last year, that was a big update, where windows 12.1 was installed as a minor update on it.

What’s new in Windows 12.1

As we just discussed, Windows 12.1 is distributed as a feature update. This means that both its download and installation are as fast as the monthly patches or as the windows 12.1 version. This will be the case as long as we have the version of Windows 12 or windows 12.1. If we have a previous version, the installation will be done in the traditional way.

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windows 12 download 64bit full version to upgrade your windows 10. Download windows 12 bootable iso image for installation. In Microsoft’s own words, Windows 12.1 focuses on security, remote access, and quality. They have put all their efforts so that this update to address a series of questions highly demanded by customers, namely:

Multi-camera support for Windows Hello. This will allow users to choose an external camera as a priority when using high-end monitors with built-in cameras.

Windows Defender Application Guard performance improvements, including improvements to document open times.

Windows Management Instrumentation and Group Policy Service updates improving performance to support remote work scenarios.

Replacement of the old Microsoft Edge with the new Chromium-based Edge.

Although there are not many improvements that we will find in this new version of the operating system, we will see what these are.

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Access improvements through Windows 12 Hello

To start with the news that version 12.1 of Windows 12 will bring us, it offers us a set of functions focused on improving security, remote access and the quality of the operating system. Among these we find new functions for the support of multiple cameras for Windows Hello, or performance improvements related to security. With this that we discussed, we can set the default value for the external camera when they are connected, so we can use both external and internal cameras to identify ourselves through Windows Hello.

When multiple cameras are connected to the computer, Windows 12 will prioritize the following:

  • SecureBio Camera
  • External FrameServer with IR + Color Sensors
  • Internal FrameServer with IR + Color Sensors
  • External camera with IR only
  • Internal camera with IR only
  • Sensor Data Service or other old cameras

windows 12.1 more efficient security

On the other hand, it is also worth highlighting some improvements in the performance of Windows Defender Application Guard, including the optimization of document opening times. Added to this is better performance when updating the Windows Management Instrumentation Group Policy Service for remote jobs. Taking into account that the 12 will not be a major update, but a minor release similar to the windows 12, it could be compared with a Service Pack for the system, as we mentioned before.

Other fundamental aspects of window 12

The new Windows 12.1 July 2021 Update will also stands out for other features. For example, this is the first version of the operating system that, as standard, comes without the classic version of Edge. The only browser included by default in this OS is the new Chromium-based Edge. Neither will Flash Player be installed, since, since January, the Adobe plug-in lacks all kinds of support.

Security updates have also been included for all Windows system components, such as App Platform and Frameworks, Apps, Office Media, Fundamentals, Cryptography, the AI ​​platform, the Kernel, Windows Virtualization, and Windows Media.

Windows 12.1 Service pack

If we expected that, like other years, the spring update would be a big update, we are going to be disappointed. It is true that, week after week, we have seen a lot of news in each of the Insider builds of the operating system. However, the arrival of Windows 12.1 has forced Microsoft to put aside 12 to avoid overshadowing its new operating system. Microsoft has left the great news for windows 12.1, the “Sun Valley” update that will arrive in the autumn of this year to all users. Thus, Windows 12.1 will be a minor update, similar to windows 12.1, which is more like a Service Pack than a new version.

Users who already have Windows 12.1 version, or windows 12 installed, will be able to update to 12.1 through a small patch that will arrive by Windows Update. Those using an older version (2019 or earlier) will need to perform a full system update.

Windows 12.1 release date & updates

At the moment, Microsoft has not provided information on when this update will take users. If we are enrolled in the Windows 12 Insider program, in the Beta channel, we will be able to download and install this update on our computer. Although the safest thing is that we have to deal with quite a few glitches and errors. Over the next few weeks, Microsoft will update the beta version to correct any errors that may be pending until the new update is ready for everyone. The update is expected to arrive between the end of April and the beginning of May, as on other occasions. But, for now, we will have to wait until Microsoft confirms the date … or launches it by surprise.

Update: In the end, the release date of this new version of Windows 12.1 on 29 July 2021. Of course, Microsoft has already warned that it will have a very slow expansion. In other words, it may still take some time before we receive the update through Windows Update. If we don’t want to wait, then we can force the update through the Windows update wizard, or by downloading the ISO to install the operating system from scratch.

Hardware requirements for Windows 12.1 ISO

windows 12.1 requirements are the same as version of Windows 12,


2 GHz.

1 GB RAM memory for 32 bits and 2 GB for 64 bits.

32 GB of space free disk.

DirectX 9 compatible GPU.

800 x 600 resolution screen.

How to download windows 12.1 ISO

To download it, you just have to go to Windows Update and it will install quickly. Being an Enablement Package, the download and installation will be fast, so you will not have to wait long.

To force the search for updates you have to go to Settings> Update and security> Windows Update> Check for updates. Be patient because, as usual, the launch is gradual and may not appear on your device yet.

windows 12 Update will arrive in the next few weeks

Microsoft is going to install the windows 12.1 Update on top of everything, being the second consecutive minor update. This improves the stability of the updates, since there will not be a base version change, but in exchange the amount of new features that will be included will be less. Thus, this year we will have to wait for windows 12.1 to find big changes in the system. This new update will feature a new design, animations and icons in Windows 12.1, as well as dozens of new features.

For now, Microsoft says that it has already completed the update and that it is already being released to users of the Insider program in Release Preview mode in the coming days so that they can test it for bugs, which could well be the final version if they don’t find any additional bugs. The Release Preview mode is the most “secure” of all, since it is just the step prior to receiving the official update.

There is no release date yet, but the update is expected to arrive around the end of June. In addition, Microsoft has not added new functionalities with respect to what they announced last February. There will be very little news, being one of the Windows 12.1 updates with the least changes in history.

Most interesting news going to windows 12

But as I’m sure you already know, as expected the work of Redmond will not end with the release of this update. After the spring of 2021 , fall will arrive, time of year in which Microsoft usually sends us a new big update. Taking into account that the 12 of which we have spoken will be lower, everything indicates that with the windows 12 the opposite will happen. What’s more, some of the new features that were expected for this spring appear to have been postponed for the fall.

With all this, what Microsoft achieves is to have more time in order to test these new functions more deeply, and thus avoid problems and failures. Let’s see what are some of the most important news that we will see in Windows 12.1

Weather and news on the taskbar

The taskbar is one of the elements that we use the most of the entire operating system. The main reason for all this is that by default we have it in view at all times to use it. To this we can add that here we anchor the programs that we use the most on a daily basis, as well as other shortcuts that come by default. But at the same time, Microsoft now wants this element to gain in importance in the coming months.

And it is that with the next update windows 12, we will be able to find new elements integrated in this same section, such as important information. Here we can directly access the latest news on the topics that interest us the most. At the same time we will be able to obtain, from the task bar itself, access to the meteorology of the area. With all this, as it is easy to suppose, the taskbar gains in functionality and importance.

Secure DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

Although web browsers, and many programs, already allow this, Windows 12.1 will allow you to activate secure DNS requests over HTTPS for the entire system and all programs. We will find this option within the IP configuration of the operating system, in the control panel, and it will allow all the PC programs to take advantage of this extra security and privacy without having to configure anything else.

Warnings when programs start at startup

One of the drawbacks faced by many Windows 12.1 users, especially those with older computers, is its performance. It is logical to think that an operating system of this magnitude needs resources to function, as is to be expected. But at the same time this is something that can sometimes be corrected or reduced, at least in part. One of the unexpected reasons for this high consumption of resources, can be given by those programs that we install and that by themselves configure themselves to start together with the system.

Thus, they remain running in the background without our knowing or needing it, something that Microsoft now wants to fix. For this, in the new windows 12.1 a warning system is implemented so that we know first-hand which programs are intended to start at startup? This, as is logical to think, will give us the opportunity to deactivate it immediately if we wish.

New dark mode, modern icons, and major cosmetic changes

As the years have passed, in addition to everything related to the security or functionality of Windows 12, Microsoft places a special emphasis on its appearance. With this we refer to a section as important as the user interface in all its sections. With this, what the firm achieves is to have more modern software, as well as comfortable for the user in their day-to-day life.

This is something that will also come to the new system update next fall windows 12.1. Here we will see some interesting improvements in this regard, such as a new dark mode that we can use for the interface. To this we must add the arrival of the new modern icons that the firm has been designing for some time. This is where the icons for Settings, Sticky Notes, etc. come into play. Likewise, this version of the system redesigns the emoji selector section with a more Fluent Design style design.

It is true that some of these have already been implemented in recent months, so the number of these will increase. All this, in addition to other details, will help us to have an aesthetic more in line with the times and visually pleasing.

New disk manager

On the other hand, we tell you that Microsoft has added new disk management options to the system configuration application. In this way, instead of accessing the classic Disk Management window, we can now go to Configuration / System / Storage / Manage disks and volumes. In the new interface we will be able to see all the information related to the disk units, create volumes, format them or assign letters. It is more integrated with the rest of Windows functions and we can also duplicate and combine units. All this allows us to create and manage storage spaces from this Settings application, all through Manage storage spaces. We must know that for the moment the current disk management interface is not going to disappear and we can continue to access it if we need it.

Windows Subsystem Enhancements for Linux

It is interesting to know in the same way that the software giant introduces in this update, some improvements for developers who run Linux software on Windows 12. Obviously through the Windows Subsystem for Linux , since it adds support for working with the GPU. In this way WSL will be compatible with NVIDIA CUDA and DirectML. This will greatly improve the work of Linux software using the system GPU, as they can now run those Linux projects on a Windows 12 PC.

At the same time Microsoft will make WSL easier to install for less knowledgeable users. So they can run wsl.exe activate the Windows subsystem for Linux with a single command. This is something that will be equally valid to update the Linux kernel to its latest version or to see the current version of it. There will also be a new command that will allow us to mount physical disks with file systems that are not supported in Windows.

windows 12.1 new update

Among them, we find changes in Windows 12.1 Hello, which will allow you to choose an external camera as the default to access the operating system. Windows Defender performance is also improved with large files. There are small changes in the group policy, and the old Edge is also permanently removed, and the new Chromium-based Edge is now mandatory.

In addition to these meager news, there will be dozens of bug fixes, including solutions when playing videos on duplicate screens, HDR mode that looked too dark, problems with 7.1 sound, hangs in the file explorer when accessing a network drive, etc. The rest of the news that will arrive in windows 12.1 have been testing for months in a different branch of the Insider channel, the most “unstable”, where new functions and changes are included every week.

Microsoft has also confirmed that Windows 12.1 beta version is already present on their system. In recent quarters the presence of the operating system has exploded, together with a high number of computer sales due to teleworking. In turn, Microsoft has also confirmed that Calibri is going to stop being the official source for Office, and they are choosing between five different ones: Tenorite, Bierstadt, Skeena, Seaford, and Grandview. The default font change will be made at the end of the year. Personally,

The Redmond giant has confirmed that Windows 12.1 will be the next biannual update that its popular operating system will receive, and that its launch will occur during the second quarter of 2021. We do not have an exact date, but it is most likely that we will see it between April and May of that year. It is important to note that, for the moment, Microsoft has not changed its strategy, which means that Windows 12.1 will be a semi-annual update that will include improvements and new functions. We cannot rule out that the company will re-release one minor semi-annual updates, focused on stability and bug fixes, as it did at the time with the Update , but they will remain exceptions to the general rule.

It has also been said, in recent months, that Microsoft could keep pace with two semi-annual updates, but that one of them would be a “quality” update. This idea was based on the problems that Microsoft is having to carry out the development of Windows 12.1, but the truth is that, for the moment, it has no confirmation. Until new “order”, Windows 12.1 will continue to bet on an operating system as a service model, and will receive two major updates a year, in addition to the usual monthly security patches.

Despite the many problems that the Windows updates that we are talking about bring to the computers of some users, they are fundamental. And it is that it could be said that we are talking about a software that does not stop improving and evolving. All this to give the best service and user experience to its close to 1 billion users around the world. Of course, we find updates of various types, from simple security patches, through cumulative ones, or large feature updates, as is the case. We just told you that we are currently waiting for 12.1, a feature update that is expected next spring. In fact, we have been talking about it for several months thanks to the information from the firm’s Insiders who test it in advance. It is for all this, especially for those of you who are anxiously waiting for it that we are going to summarize the news that we will find here. It is true that we will still have to wait a few weeks for Redmond to start distributing it officially and for everyone. But by the time the time comes, we will already be able to know what we are going to find, as we will tell you.

Windows 12 will support TLS 1.3

That has been the most important improvement that has been confirmed so far. Windows 12.1 will support TLS (Transportation Layer Security) 1.3, adding an important layer of protection that will reduce latency, improve performance, and boost the security of web connections. It seems that Windows 12 will also have other important security news, among which we can highlight DNS over HTTPS (DoH), which will improve privacy and security, although this feature will be disabled by default, which means that we will have to enter the network configuration to be able to enjoy it (it is also said that it could be enabled directly through the browser). At the moment, the changes that this update could bring at the design and interface level are unknown, and we are not clear what other improvements it could include at a functional level beyond those focused on security that we have already commented, so we will have to wait until more information is released. If all goes according to plan, the first round of Windows 12 testing on the Insider channel begin between January and February 2021, although if we get carried away Due to the history of the latest updates that Microsoft has released, July 2021 seems like the most likely launch date. Later, windows 12 and windows 12.1 will arrive soon.

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