The best animated games for PC 2021
Somehow it just so we love animated video games very much, or really dislike it. A kind of oriental animated video games, seasoned with local traditions and national flavor, is really not a thing for everyone. However, the hearts of many Western and Russian gamers have been conquered by anime once and for all, despite the fact that many really cool projects in Russian translation will never come out, and some are even known only in their homeland.
The best animated games for PC 2021
DANGANRONPA SERIES The Danganronpa series will surely appeal to fans of school aesthetics. In the style of many animated video games series, the main character here is an Ordinary Japanese Schoolboy ©, who, by the will of fate, turns out to be transferred to the best school in Japan. However, the good glory of the school turns out to be far from reality – and now we are already participating in a survival game with unusual rules. GUILTY GEAR SERIES Guilty Gear is a legendary fighting game series that regularly makes the list of the best anime games. The first of these games was released back in 1998, and it was its success that largely predetermined the release of all subsequent ones. The latest in the franchise is the 2015 release of Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-. However, some of these anime games were exclusive to consoles and arcade machines, and therefore not available on PC.
The events of the games unfold in a future in which people have learned to create universal living “weapons of war” called “Gears” with the help of magic . It is their rebellion against the creators that is at the center of the plot. An interesting plot of the games is complemented by unique characters, including Millia Reidge, fighting with her hair, and the famous Bridget, a boy with the appearance of a girl, attacking enemies with the help of a yo-yo and a mechanical bear. Sounds strange for a typical fighting game, but quite common for an anime. FATE / EXTELLA Fate / EXTELLA is the continuation of the cult in Japan and very famous in the world of the Fate series of games, the first of which (Fate / stay night) was released back in 2004 and marked the beginning of not only many sequels, but also several anime series. At the same time, Fate / Extella is only the second of the games in the series, which is officially published outside of Japan. The game is an action game in which the player will have to participate in a conflict between three parties, two of which are eager to control the super-powerful lunar supercomputer, and the third wants to destroy the world as we know it. At the same time, the story is told alternately on behalf of the leaders of each of these factions, and in addition to the main storyline, there are several side ones. However, the plot here does not overload the brain and serves as a background for the main content of the games – colorful Rubilov. This project has almost everything to enter the list of the best anime games, the most serious criticism is only the AI opponents. Read more – AMD Ryzen Zen 4 Release Date, Devices, Spec, News Read more – Ryzen upcomig GPUs AMD graphics cards for pc 2021 Read more – Intel New GPU LAUNCH News, Release date, Specs, Price Read more – POCKET GAMER LAUNCHPAD Perfecting Your Game FINAL FANTASY X Final Fantasy X / X-2 is a remastered HD remaster of two parts of the legendary series of games, with which the whole JRPG genre is strongly associated . It was the Final Fantasy series that taught us that the linear storyline in an RPG is not so bad, and that half-hour cutscenes are generally normal. Each of the games in this series is not just a game, but a whole interactive story with deeply developed characters and a fascinating plot. This edition was no exception, because both games are permeated by the line of passionate and quivering love between the athlete Tidus who accidentally entered the magical world and the young summoner Yuna, whose life goal is to defeat the demon named “Sin”. It is not surprising that this assembly and other games of the FF series regularly fall not only to the tops of anime games, but also to the lists of the best role-playing games in the world, because in addition to the listed advantages, all of them are characterized by graphics that are relevant for their time and a very pleasant soundtrack . NI NO KUNI SERIES This third-person open-world RPG series tells gamers about the adventures of children with a magical gift. In the first part of the franchise, Wrath of the White Witch, a young hero named Oliver embarks on a dangerous journey between worlds to save his mother from death. The sequel, Revenant Kingdom, is dedicated to the attempts of the young King Evan to regain the throne, unfairly taken from him by the villains . In battles, our heroes rely on both powerful magic and physical strength, the abilities of party members and tamed familiars. In addition to the tasks of the main plot, both games have enough interesting side quests. DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT Based on the acclaimed Dragon Ball Z anime franchise, this single – coded Action RPG came out in January 2020. The creator of the original manga, Akira Toriyama, specially for this project developed a new character named Bonyu, who became the protagonist of the game. Our hero is one of the Z-fighters trying to find the dragon pearls. All events of the game’s plot are included in the canon of the Dragon Ball meta-universe, which means that fans of the anime series will be able to learn new facts from the history of their beloved world. The gameplay here consists not only of battles with famous anime warriors in various arenas and pumping skills, but also of more peaceful activities like training, communicating with the characters of the series (Goku, Vejita, Gohan and many others) and even fishing .

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